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Infinity II Inline Skate Wheel

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"Powerslide" ratas "Infinity II" yra jų pasirinktas ginklas daugumai jų fitneso ir lenktynių tipo riedučių. Apskritai puikus ratas, kurį galima naudoti įvairiais būdais ir kuris pasižymi geru kainos ir kokybės santykiu.


Šis ratas parduodamas kaip vienas ratas be guolių.

Modelio specifikacijos

ModelisRato skersmuo
80mm - 85A80mm
84mm - 85A84mm
90mm - 85A90mm
100mm - 85A100mm
110mm - 85A110mm


Ratų kietumas:
Not included
Ratai vienoje pakuotėje:
Šerdies medžiaga:
Guolio tikslumas:
Not included

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atsiliepimai   (169)

Excellent service!! Questions via email answered quick. Delivery was fast and came a day early😁 New 84mm/85a Powerslide Infinity 2 wheels are excellent!! Put on my New K2 Fit BOA skates that came stock with 84mm/80a wheels and huge difference much less roll resistants with the harder wheels = way faster but still have all the grip😄 If you like shedding down hills on the streets, freestyle and speed I recommend. If your just getting started may want to stick with the softer wheels😉
C. Yip (Edmonton)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
I love my PowerSlide skates, so had high hopes for these Infinity wheels. HUGE disappointment. Worst wheels I've ever skated on. Once they reach a certain stage of wear the rubber cracks and peels off in strips, revealing the hard plastic beneath. Every other wheel I've ever used wears down gradually until the plastic below starts to show through. These Infinity wheels just fell apart. Waste of money. Never again. PS: I work out by skating up and down steep city streets, which puts a lot of strain on my wheels – with the digging in on the way up and the dragging on the way down. So maybe others will have better luck with these Infinity wheels than I did. All the other reviews are certainly very favourable!
Carl H. (London)
Įvertinimas: 1 iš 5!
Atsakymas iš SkatePro:  Hi Carl,

Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated!

Sorry to hear about the wheels, we definitely do not want to leave our customers unsatisfied.😉

In this case, I would appreciate if you could send as an email to including pictures of the wheels. It will help us to investigate the case more in depth and find the best solution for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you! ✌

Haven't tried these yet but the price is awesome and shipping was great.
Jamie J. (Calgary)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
If you like to skate longer distances, these are great wheels. Good grip with a low rolling resistance. Lots of feedback so can feel a bit tiring on the knees on less smooth surfaces.
Mr ALEXX XAVIER (Beckenham)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
You guys never let me down!
C. Huang (Arcadia)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Great rolling/wearing fitness or freeskating wheels! I tortured a set of these wheels with extensive trailskating, freeskating, and urban jumping. Kept using them until they were worn almost to the sidewall writing and the spokes started cracking! If you jump a lot you might want a stronger urban wheel, but I definitely got my money's worth out of these wheels!
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Powerslide Infinity II Inline Skate Wheel - excellent wheels, arrived quickly, good price, I would definitely purchase these again.
Martyn Gibbs (Falkirk)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Very quick delivery. Recommend these wheels.
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ These wheels, recommend!!!!!
Kent Littlejohn (Novelty)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Great product at great price. Delivery is little pricey though. Will definitely use again
Martin Starzyk (Cheltenham)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
Great wheels at a great price! Amazing service and quick delivery. Will definitely use SkatePro for future purchases.
Nathan Adcock (Colchester)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Very quick delivery and excellent communication and service. Thank you!!
Sara Curcio (Denver)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Products as described and quickly despatched. Than You
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
My best recommendation. Rely good company with quality products.
Zoran A. (Warrington)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
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