Image F1 Inline Skate Wheel

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Iš "Matter" atkeliauja išbandyti "Image wheels". Tai pradinio lygio ratukai, kurie leis jums išbandyti vieną iš pirmaujančių poliuretano formulių riedlenčių pasaulyje. Greitai riedantys ir ilgaamžiai.

Matter" ratukai iš JAV naudoja "Footprint" skalę, F1 reiškia "Footprint 1".

F1 - lygus maždaug 86A


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atsiliepimai   (74)

Very nice wheel. Fast, stable, great grip, great wear. Everything I look for.
Steven D. (Cumberland)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Amazing. Quality of riding improved a lot with this wheels!
Weronika Boron (Dublin)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
excellent service..
pedro baez (BRONX)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Love the wheels, so smooth.... The service and the product GREAT! The shipping packing could've been better thought. All wheels arrived loose in a padded mail large envelope, and the bearings also loose they came out of their own packaging.
M. Roa (Mays Landing)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
Wheels were not wrapped or secure so they bounced around the box during delivery and were all scratched up!!!! I didn't buy pre scratched wheels so I'm upset that I paid for this. Poor care given
Ryan Melter (Ballwin)
Įvertinimas: 1 iš 5!
Atsakymas iš SkatePro:  
Thank you for your review,

I am really sorry about the wheel, we have contacted our couriers and they will take better care of our parcels from now on. I am also glad you were able to contact us as soon as it happened and that we were able to help.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with, we will be more than happy to do so.
Excellent wheels, came quickly despite long distance to USA. Love the guys at skatepro. These wheels are great for road use IMHO, 86a is just right if 85 is still a bit grippy. Thank you!
Michael R Frey (Denver)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Great set of wheels Skatepro was the only place to get 90mm Image wheels from Matter no other website had in that size plus shipping was extremely fast
Lee Rosensteel (Newport News)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Thank you for the recommendations, emails, and speedy delivery. My grandson loves them!
Rebecca Waterman (New Bremen)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
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