BC 1550 EVE Backcountry Ski Boots

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Tikri bekelės batai, skirti slidinėti ne trasoje. Alpina BC 1550 EVE yra tikri draugai, kai išvažiuojate į laukinę baltąją gamtą. Tai patvarūs ir šilti batai su "Thinsulate" izoliacija ir vidutiniu batų išlenkimu, užtikrinančiu gerą atramą. Plastikinis rankogalis suteikia gerą atramą ir padeda slidinėjant už trasos ribų bei keičiantis sniego sąlygoms. Šis modelis sukurtas su specialiai moterims pritaikyta atrama.

Pastaba: šie bekelės batai suderinami su "Rottefella NNN BC" surišimais.


Papildomos funkcijos:
Ankle Support Cuff, TPU, Anatomic footbed, Thinsulate
Suderinama įrišimo sistema:
Rottefella BC
Slidžių tipas:

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atsiliepimai   (22)

Just perfect. Alpina please keep doing what you are doing !!!!!
Marissa Cheplick (Portland)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Great boots and good price and delivery from SkatePro.
Cate Saint (Sheffield)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
I really like these. I find the hard tongue and external laces are a bit uncomfortable now and I hope they will soften up and break in as I wear them more. I loved my old pair of Alpina BC boots but the zipper was failing and these do not have a zipper so I trust they will last.
Helen Davis (New Denver)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
These boots are amazing! The fit is great and true to size. The quality is excellent. I can’t wait to get out and write about the use on the trail/ bc snow.
Lance Norman (Whitefish)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
A very solid and comfortable Backcountry boot. Very reasonable price as well.
Robert Prus (Kitchener)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
Skatepro = Helpful staff, was surprised to be speaking with someone in Denmark about boot sizing regardless the shipping from the EU to small town Canada was very under 10 days which is better than shipping within Canada. Product sizing was exact , (very hesitant to buy cross country boots online.) this year local options were sold out. Boot met expectations although a bit of a wider fit .
Katarina H. (Invermere)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
Impressive shipping time and a reasonable price on shipping to North America. The item arrived from Europe in less than 2 weeks. Unfortunately I missed on the sizing by one size and I think returns would be challenging especially with the ridiculous shipping charges from Canada. I would recommend SkatePro
Reg Cook (Jasper)
Įvertinimas: 4 iš 5!
Atsakymas iš SkatePro:  Hi Reg,

We're glad to hear that you were satisfied with our services overall😀 Furthermore, I'd like to remind you that you can purchase a return label from us for 20 CAD, which is definitely a cheaper option than if you sent it by yourself. Furthermore, if you need any assistance with choosing the right size, please contact us and we are more than happy to help😊

Any questions? Write to us at email@skatepro.ca or call +1 647-243-6331 between Mon-Thu 12 am - 5:30 pm, Fri 12 am - 11am, Sat 12 am - 7 am (EST)
Product and shipping time was excellent. With no product available in North America I was skeptical but this company came through when no one else could.
Curtis Davison (Aurora)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
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