HABS S/M Brake

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Tai sukomplektuota riedlentės stabdžių svirtis ir trinkelė, tinkanti "Powerslide" rėmams su ratukais iki 110 mm.

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atsiliepimai   (18)

There is an issue with the brake we purchased. The supplier screws are too big for the chassis. We are unable to install it and have reached out to power slide for troubleshooting. As it stands the brake is not installed.
Ezra Soraya (Victoria)
Įvertinimas: 1 iš 5!
For my skates perfectly!! Thank you for the great customer support!!
J. Alvarez (Pembroke Pines)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
A great brake that gives a sturdy stop as well as being good for more showy stuff! Fits my Powerslide Next Black Red 80 Freeskates perfectly, assembly was super easy and ready to go in minutes! Customer service here is also great, had a slight mishap with the parcel (couriers fault not SkatePros), but it was all solved super speedily even though I got in touch with them over the holidays!
L. Banks (Ledbury, Herefordshire)
Įvertinimas: 5 iš 5!
Arrived very quickly in the post but the screw is too big for the hole on the skate. Don’t know if the fault it is with the screw from the brake kit or with the skate.
Matthew Smith (London)
Įvertinimas: 2 iš 5!
Atsakymas iš SkatePro:  We are very sorry to read that you are experiencing a problem with the screw. We'll get in touch with you by email in order to find a solution! 😊

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